Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monsoon Watch -4

The non development I observe from my last writing is that the Bay is not heating up as required.The sea temperature in the bay is still around 30°,or maybe even 29°c. This has surely prevented the low from forming in the bay,as anticipated. In fact, the low last week off Sri Lanka coast did not move at all, and just persisted as an UAC.Actually, the bay sea temperature is 1 -1.5° below normal. As a result,I do not see any "pre monsoon low" forming in the bay in the next 8 days at least.

The sub continent land mass heating continues,and as mentioned the highest temperatures have touched 45°,in DGKhan(Pakistan) and Ganganagar.The formation of the seasonal low over the sub continent is on schedule,and the trough formed in the southern parts of the peninsula has triggered off the pre monsoon thundershowers in Maharashtra,Karnatak and Kerala.

With the humidity in Mumbai set to gradually increase,the weather is sure to get uncomfortable in the coming weeks, and as for the rest of Maharashtra, stray convective thundershowers will continue. Gujarat should become increasingly hot in the remaining days of April.

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