Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mumbai/Pune to move around the "Normal" temperatures 11th Dec to 15th Dec (Next Week).


* With the rains finally leaving Mumbai, and the humidity decreasing, City may get relief from the sweaty coastal weather. Currently at 65%, humid conditions may improve to 55%

* Coming week, Mumbai will see the nights getting cooler., with a "slight Nip". The best witnessed this season was 19.7c on 30th November. May get to around the "Normal" yellow line (around 18/19c).

* Days, already hovering around normal, will set at 31/32c.

*Panvel/Navi Mumbai/Karjat may get lower to17/19c.


* On 16th, Pune saw the lowest this season, 14.4c. 

*Coming week may hover around 12/14c, moving around the normal yellow Line.


* Lowest has been 13.2c this season on 17th November. Now, with the cloudy conditions , the temperatures were around 16c.

* But with no rains and clear skies, the city may see nights at 12/14c again. May benefit standing "Channa" and Wheat.


Mumbai: November 2023 Summery

Rainfall occurred on 26th and 27th due to Interaction of W.D/LWD/Induced Low

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3734.530
Avg Temperature32.1529.8726.73
Min Temperature2826.324
Dew Point (°C)MaxAverageMin
Dew Point2619.5111
Precipitation (mm)MaxAverageMin

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