Friday, December 29, 2023

December almost over...But City still Warm.

Mumbai is facing a winter , a "warm winter'' untypical of a normal December for the city.

It has been a hot start to Mumbai's winter, with the temperatures above normal throughout the period, especially in December, averaging around 3c above normal. 

Since 3rd December this year, Mumbai has seen day temperatures above 33c ( 2/3 c above normal) on all days )as  of 29th December). The top being 35.7c ( +4c)on 24th.

The nights have averaged 21/22c in December, around 4c above normal. The coolest this year seen is 18.9c on 24th.

Thus the daily day/night average for December works out to 27c..2c above normal.

But, as people's memory is short, let Vagaries remind all that, Mumbai had a much warmer December in in 1987 when Day was 39.8c on 4th December, the Monthly warmth was 4c above the normal. In 1990,  the temperature averaged 6c above normal !

Normally for Mumbai, the winter starts with the cold winds blowing from the North, generating from a Western Disturbance system in the Northern plains and Himalayas. . But this year an "anti Cyclone" system in Central India blocked the cold winds, and brought Easterlies and South Easterly winds, which are dry and warm.

A Western Disturbance System can approach Northern India around 6th January 2024. Mumbai can then get some pleasant weather after 7th, and cooler temperatures around 16/17c. Outer townships of Mumbai can go down to 15c.

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