Wednesday, May 10, 2023

 10th May

As expected by our interpretations research based on previous analysis of weather during cyclone,

Vagaries explained  that cyclone induced subsidence and sucking up moisture from land will lead to rapid rise in temperatures and same is happening 

Yes anticyclone development too aiding temperature rise in maharashtra

With the formation of cyclone in bay, temperature started rising rapidly over Indian landmass. Alongwith 10 Staions in Maharashtra Pune hit 40.1c highest of the season. And more than 35 staions in India crossed the threshold of 40°c in India.

Temperatures to rise further.

Heatwave expected in large parts of india by 13 May. IN EXCESS OF 44/46 °C in Jalgaon, Vidharbh, Rajasthan, Gujarat Region and parts of West U.P.

Some people  were not believing us when we told temperature to rise rapidly during cyclone formation time😁

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