Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Outlook for this week 14th to 17th February - Maharashtra heating up earlier than normal!

The typical 'dry summer like heat' which is witnessed in Mumbai and Konkan during late Feb/early March is being witnessed now!

Mumbai Colaba saw a max of 37.1°C yesterday (above normal by 7.1°C) with hot and dry easterly breeze in daytime. 

Santacruz was 37.3°C yesterday, above normal by 6.2°C. 

Min today morning was pleasant at 21.2°C in Colaba and 19°C in Santacruz. 

Pune witnessed a max of 32.3°C yesterday and a min of 9.3°C today morning. 

Aurangabad also saw a range of 33°C/8.1°C.

So big Day/Night variations. 

Mumbai: Next 3-4 days, max temperature will be around 37°C, and min to gradually rise to 21-22°C by Friday 17th February. Humidity to be on the lower side, dry weather. 

Interior Konkan to see max around 38-40°C, and min can be around 14-16°C, very high difference between min and max temperature.

Pune: Daytime likely to be warm around 32-33°C, increasing to 34°C by Friday 17th. Nights will be very cool around 9-10°C till Wednesday 15th and rising to around 12-13°C by Friday 17th February. 

Marathwada and Vidarbha to also see daytime temperatures rising to 34-36°C this week, while nights to gradually warm up to 15°C. 

Gujarat: Max Temperatures expected to rise to 34-36°C by 16th-17th Feb over most of the state, minimum temperature to also rise to 15-17°C from the present 12-14°C

After 2 WDs F-1 and F-2, we do not see any major WD to impact north India in the next few days. 

A high pressure ridge peaking around 500 hPa may persist over northwest part of the subcontinent this week, causing temperatures to rise over parts of west, northwest and north India. 

Above normal temperatures expected in Himalayas, chances of avalanche as temperatures to rise after recent snowfall. 

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