Monday, January 09, 2023

9th January...

We said yes, winter not over in Maharashtra...seen below are the expected low temperatures next few days this week.

Expect good weather this coming week now..

Mumbai: Very pleasant by Mumbai  standards ..nights around 15/16°c. ( Today was 21°c).

Pune: Colder nights around 9/10°c. ( Today was 8.6°c).

Aurangabad: Cold nights around 8/10°c. (Today was 5.7°c)

Gujarat may not expect severe cold with around normal temperatures.  

Cold Wave in North..

With rains/snow expected in the Hill States of H.P and Uttarakhand, & UT of Kashmir,  we can expect the severe cold in North to show some abatement. 

WD..light Rain over plains, moderate to heavy snow over upper reaches of Himalayas

Cold winds from Wednesday/Thursday

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