Thursday, December 29, 2022

New Year Weekend Forecast - 30th December till 1st January:

With the Western Disturbance over Himalayas set to move away eastward tomorrow (30th), cool northerlies likely.

Getting cooler...another round of wintry feel for Mumbai and Konkan.

Mumbai: Warm day on Friday 30th, cool breeze likely from evening. Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st would see cool breeze through the day, with max around 29-30°C, and min on New Year Eve can drop till around 15-16°C. 

Very good weather for outdoor New Year celebration and revelries.!!

Pune: Due to westerly component in the wind, days can remain warm around 31-32°C, nights will be cooler with min dropping till around 11-12°C.

------------------------------------Estimated Saturday..👇

Interior Konkan and Thane district can see min dropping till about 12°C, with some places even touching 10°C.

Nashik: Slightly cooler than Pune, min temperature around 9-10°C. 

Ratnagiri: Warm day on Friday, but Cool breeze on Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st, max can remain around 31°C, and min around 17°C. 

Gujarat to also see cooler weather over this weekend. Expected range of temperatures:

Bharuch: 28°C/15°C

Ahmedabad: 28°C/12°C

Rajkot: 28°C/12°C

Surat: 28°C/14°C

Vadodara: 28°C/11°C

Naliya: 27°C/7°C

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