Wednesday, December 28, 2022

28th December  2022...

Global cold wave updates: Snowstorms in US, Canada, extreme cold waves in India, sinking temperatures in UK, Europe brings world to a standstill....

(Warmest Year in Decades. ?)

Winters this year have been wrecking havoc around the world with extreme cold and snowstorms. Millions of people around the world are facing extreme weather conditions and the consequences that they come with, like cancelling of flights, highway blockades, and almost zero travel at a time when people go to their homes ahead of the holiday season. 

Howling winds, heavy snow and frigid air which can turn boiling water into ice instantly have hit most of the nations like the USA, India, Japan and parts of Europe, including parts of the world which are normally temperate. But why the world is freezing? It is due to a phenomenon called La Nina, which is almost the opposite of the warming phenomenon of the El Nino effect. 

What is La Nina?

La Nina is an oceanic phenomenon that influences the atmosphere around us by opposing El Nino. When warm winds blow, the surface of a body of water warms. The El Nino effect causes trade winds to blow east, pushing warm water off the surface of the Pacific Ocean towards America's west coast. As a result of heat evaporating into the atmosphere, temperatures rise in regions near the equator. Cooler water from the depths naturally begins to rise.

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