Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Posted 19th Night.

Mumbai/Pune: Light/Moderate rains in some parts on 20th/21st as a last attempt before the Monsoon finally withdraws by 22nd..(Almost touching the fringes of Divali !  However the most delayed withdrawal was 26th October 2010) .

Hotter October days after 23rd of 35c for Mumbai and 32c in Pune, but nights after 23rd may drop to 18/19c for Pune.

Red Line is Monsoon withdrawn as on 19th..Green Line Monsson withdrawal by 22nd.👇

Aurangabad: Monsoon will be over after 22nd..and dry winds will prevail. Temperatures around 17c at night.

औरंगाबाद : २२ तारखेनंतर मान्सून संपेल.. आणि कोरडे वारे वाहू लागतील. रात्री सुमारे 17c तापमान.

All regions of Gujarat may slightly warmer days. Nights in Saurashtra around 20/21c.and Ahmedabad 18c  
Bharuch in the range of 32c and 22c.

With the Formation of BB-15..Tracking N/NW, we will see the South West Monsoon withdrawing  from Maharashtra by 22nd. 

No meaningful rainfall in T.N, Kerala and Interior Karnatak till 25th.

NEM setting may be delayed by the N/NW tracking of BB-15.

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