Saturday, October 22, 2022

22nd October..2022

"Vagaries' snippet holds good this time for Mumbai Monsoon withdrawal - Monsoon over in Mumbai and Pune...set to enjoy the festivities."

Mumbai:Dry October heat in daytim due to land breeze (easterlies). Weak Sea breeze can set in later in the afternoon. Mumbai Nights can be pleasant (20-23C).

Interior konkan may see drop till 18C. 

Punekars...light woolens/jackets may be needed next week onwards as nights likely to be cool. Min can drop in the range of 15-18C around/after Diwali.  

Rest of Maharashtra - especially Marathwada and Vidarbha will see dry and slightly warm days (around 32C max) and nights can turn cooler with min around 15-18C in many districts. 

SWM retreating upto/below 15N is welcome news for NEM..

NEM Soon now

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