Friday, May 20, 2022

 Weekend  Outlook: 20th/21st/22nd  May

Mumbai: Partly cloudy and Humid. Sweat and High UV levels at 9..So take care in extreme sun. Days at 34c, will actually feel as hot as 38c.

Mumbai Lakes/Water Position: 15 May 2022... 22.99% Storage of Total Capacity.

Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 18.87% same time last year.

Pune: Getting cloudy by afternoon, bringing (only) hopes of rain. Days around 37/38c.High UV levels at 9, so take care in extreme sun.


Mohsin mulla said...

Hi rajesh sir,
according to bbc weather there no significant rain forcast for kerala in last week of May.IMD and many private forcaster assuming the SW monsoon could hit the coastal kerela in between May 25 to May 27. As per my observation active sw monsoon might be hit kerala in between 31st May to 2nd june. Sir ur view on that.

Rajesh said...

Mohsin: I quote from 19th post of vagaries 'Vagaries)....Explained below, it will be another 4/5 days before the Monsoon sets in over Kerala in strength.'
Monsoon can set in Kerala by 2tth of May.
Date constantly steady on vagaries since MW series of early May.
Let's hope so now...

Rajesh said...

Sorry for error.. 25th May

Karan Kumbhar said...

What about further progress
No dates posted by vagaries for advance in India ?

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