Tuesday, May 17, 2022

17th May Post:

Time for pre-monsoon TS for parts of Southern West Coast!

Outlook till Thursday 20th May

Associated with the Upper-air circulation (UAC) over Kerala, moderate to heavy pre-monsoon rain/thunderstorms is likely over Kerala, Lakshadweep islands as well as coastal and Ghats of Karnataka. 

Bangalore and Mysore regions can also get moderate thundershowers with some localized heavy rain.

Western parts of  Tamil Nadu to also witness some thundershowers during this time.

Goa may see light rain in some parts towards late evening or night. 

Mumbai: *This Week (17th-22nd): Hot/Sultry with high humidity ..The day temperatures will be around 34c, but the feel will be of 38c. 

*Nights at 27/28c will be warm and stuffy.

*Pre monsoon rain in some areas may be experienced from next week (24th onwards).

Pune: *This Week (17th -22nd): Hot and sunny  with day around 39c, and feels like 40c. 

*Next week (23rd ..), the day s are expected to get better with the temperatures falling 3/4c to around 35c. 

*Pre monsoon patchy rains expected next week (24th Onwards.)


emkay said...

Doubt whether in present spell of rains over Kerala there is any wind discontinuity ie lightening and thunder !!

Mohsin mulla said...

Hi rajesh sir ,

Present UAC over kerala and coastal karnataka will create the impact on SW Monsoon onset.. ur view on that

Rajesh said...

Emkay: Presnt rrains are due to the UAC in the Kerala region.
Mohsin: The UAC will /ad is attracting additional moiture from West winds along Kerala coast. This will advance the dates of SWM set in by a couple of dayys..ahead of 26/28th JUne for Kerala

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