Monday, February 07, 2022

Posted 7th February afternoon:

Outlook for 7th -10th February.

Maharashtra and Gujarat gradually warming after 10th..

Mumbai: Clear weather with slight haze. Next 3 days will be pleasant   in the day time with temperatures around 28c. Night time will be pleasant without any extreme nip.

Pune: Very pleasant in the day for the next 3 days till 10th. Night time weather will be pleasant and cooling in the evenings. Lows around 13/14c.

Aurangabad: Clear skies with moderate North winds. being drier, soil moisture may reduce to some extent. Temperatures around 30c - 15c range.

औरंगाबाद: उत्तरेकडील मध्यम वाऱ्यांसह निरभ्र आकाश. कोरडे असल्याने जमिनीतील ओलावा काही प्रमाणात कमी होऊ शकतो. सुमारे 30c - 15c श्रेणीचे तापमा

Saurashtra (Rajkot/ Junagadh) next  till 10th,  31/32c and 15c range. Days may start warming after 10th.

Surat: Next 3/4 days will be around 32c, -18c. Will be gradually warming up after 10th...

Bharuch: Range of fair weather continues till 10th, ranging from 31c in the day to 16c at night. But warming up from 10th onwards.

Delhi: Current weather next 2 days. Rain expected on Wednesday 9th, and cold day. 

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