Sunday, September 20, 2020

 20th September: Unconfirmed Twitter Report Rainfall put up...Coastal Karnatak: Udipi district


sset said...

This is first spell of extreme rains for coastal KAR - much awaited and required.
Mumbai/GUJ style rains !
As per IMD red alert open for Konkan by tomorrow - west coast is getting ignited.

RaghuN said...

SSET : Won't say much required. This is extreme and damaging. Udupi is riding on 25% excess now. Dakshina kannada (now 0% deficit after this spell) has been lagging but distribution has been no nice this year, that there is excess water issue there too in September (when such spells are not expected) damaging Arecanut plantations in many areas.

Rajesh Sir,
Can confirm from two old timer trackers with private rain gauges : 49cm and 43cm in the vicinity of those areas of Udupi district (apparently the highest since they have tracked in past 24/ 18 years). Another acquaintance mentioned he measured 47cm near DK and Chikmaguluru border (Ghat section), but I cannot confirm via any other source. Appears true though considering the intensity in the whole area.
While ghat areas in Karnataka are no strangers to these kind of rains, coastal areas rarely get these intense spells.

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