Tuesday, September 08, 2020

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Posted 8th Afternoon:

Withdrawal of SW Monsoon

  • a) Withdrawal from extreme north-western parts of the country is not attempted before 1st September.
  • b) After 1st September:

The following major synoptic features are considered for the first withdrawal from the western parts of NW India.

  • i) Cessation of rainfall activity over the area for continuous 5 days.
  • ii) Establishment of anticyclone in the lower troposphere (850 hPa and below)
  • iii) Considerable reduction in moisture content as inferred from satellite water vapour imageries and tephigrams.

An Anticyclone (High Pressure Area) likely to form in North West India  from 9th September.

This would signal and create one of the conditions for Withdrawal..thus commencing the parameters. 

Rainfall in West Rajasthan on 7th September: Erinpura/Jawai Dam 15 cms, Nagaur 9 cms, Luni 4 cms, Sardarshahar 3 cms, Jodhpur 2 cms.

No rains expected now.

i) Further withdrawal from the country is declared, keeping the spatial continuity, reduction in moisture as seen in the water vapour imageries and prevalence of dry weather for 5 days.

As on 7th September, Good Water Levels in Gujarat , specially Kutch.

  • 1,492,680 million litres
    North Gujarat Region. At 77% of its gross capacity of 1,922,260 million litres. Same time last year at 858,720 million litres.
  • 2,142,890 million litres
    Central Gujarat Region. At 91% of its live capacity of 2,347,360 million litres. Same time last year at 2,237,440 million litres.
  • 7,228,120 million litres
    South Gujarat Region. At 83% of its live capacity of 8,624,780 million litres. Same time last year at 7,516,040 million litres.
  • 300,790 million litres
    Kutch. At 90% of its live capacity of 332,270 million litres. Same time last year at 230,890 million litres.
  • 2,416,110 million litres
    Saurashtra. At 94% of its live capacity of 2,539,930 million litres. Same time last year at 1,443,040 million litres.
  • 8,633,150 million litres
    Sardar Sarovar. At 91% of its live capacity of 9,460,000 million litres. Same time last year at 8,590,040 million litres.
  • 22,214,740 million lires
    Gujarat State. At 88% of its live capacity of 25,266,600 million litres. Same time last year at 21,180,040 million litres.


Rajesh said...

sset: This is normal time for withdrawal from Western most region...further withdrawal will then depend on the developments , if any.

Rajesh said...

sset: Complete withdrawal is still way off.

sset said...

Thanks Rajesh Sir - we know what happened SWM 2013 withdrawal - GUJ torrential rains (given in your archives) withdrawal stopped on tracks - changing climate GUJ is always amusing.

Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh, would it be possible for you to give a general forecast for rains in second half September? Especially for Gujarat (both North and West Central) and Maharashtra? Are there likely to be heavy spells ?


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