Monday, April 20, 2020

Heatwave like conditions grips the interior parts of N.Konkan region of Maharashtra on 20-04-2020

Today Eastern suburbs of Mumbai witnessed it's 2nd 40C temp of yr 2020!

Some max temp in °C below with humidity for some available location :

Palghar & Virar 40.2 

Manor 40.2 with 20%

Bhayandar, Chembur & Navi Mumbai (Vashi) 40.4

IIT Powai 40.4 with 26%

Bhandup & Mulund 40.6

Belapur, Turbhe & Panvel 40.6

Mumbra 40.6 with 12%

Thane 40.8 with 14%

Badlapur 40.8 with 24%

Kalyan-Dombivli 41.4

Bhiwandi 41.6 with 14%

Shahapur & Wada 42

Kalwa & Padgha 42.4

Talasari & Kasara 42.8

Tokawade & Khopoli 43

Karjat, Lonere & Murbad 43.4

So Practically interior parts of North Konkan in Palghar, Thane & Raigad dist of Maharashtra may have seen highest possibly temps in India today but lack of IMD official stations doesn't depict the same  

Data Courtesy: IMD, Mahavedh,BMC,TMC AWS & PWS

MAHARASHTRA TEMPS on 20 April 2020..

Highest.. Karjat (Interior Kokan) 43 c 
Lowest.. Mahabaleshwar (Sahyadri) 33 c

Kokan region max temps were above normal by 2 to 4 c ..
Elsewhere in the state ,max temps were near normal..

Highest min..Devgad & Panji (Coastal Kokan Goa) 28 c 
Lowest min..Mahabaleshwar 15 c (during a thunderstorm yesterday)

Chandrapur(eastern Vidarbha) reported min temp of 20 c (below normal by 6 c) due to thunderstorm activity at night..

For a change , Mumbai was hot and dry today.Humidity was around 25 to 40 %  with temps hovering around the 37 c mark for most part of the day.

For the next 4 days ,
Kokan and Madhya Maharashtra temps are expected to decrease and return to normal levels.Thunderstorm activity will reduce.
Humidity will increase along the Kokan coast.Breezy weather will provide some relief.

Marathwada temps will hover around normal levels.
Vidarbha temps will increase as thunderstorm activity over the region decreases in the coming days.

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir will Mumbai eastern suburb will get some relief from heat in coming days?

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