Sunday, January 27, 2019

Posted Sunday Evening 27th:

The mentioned effect on Telengana was there ,with many stations recording between 50-100 mms (and lower of course):
Telengana rain as on 27th morning 24 hrs in cms: : Nangnoor(arg) (dist Siddipet) 10, Nanganur (dist Siddipet) 9, Dubbak (dist Siddipet) 9, 
Narmetta (dist Jangaon) 8, Bhupalpalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, Mogullapalle (dist J. Bhupalpally) 8, 
Huzurabad (dist Karimnagar) 7, Manthani (dist Peddapalle) 6, Thimmapur (dist Karimnagar) 5, Gangadhara (dist Karimnagar) 5, Bejjanki (dist Siddipet) 5, Venkatapur (dist J. Bhupalpally) 5, Jangaon (dist Jangaon) 5, Parkal (dist Warangal_rural) 5, Mustabad (dist Rajanna Sircilla) 5, Husnabad(arg) (dist Siddipet) 5,

Hyderabad, with 10 mms of rain on Saturday and rains on sunday keeping the day's high in Hyderabad at 21.2c, 9c below normal.

Concentrating on the North again...
Mount Abu touched freezing at 0.0c on Sunday morning. Freezing again next 2 nights at Churu as well.

Western Disturbance J-5 is likely to cover the entire Pakistan region by 30th January. Karachi can expect light rains on 30th.

J-5 into India on 30th...with plenty of rain and snow again in the Northern states of Kashmir, H.P. and rains in the NW plains of India.

Mumbai had dropped to a minimum  13.2c at Scruz and 16.5c at Colaba and max around 27/28c this weekend. 
But, now, we will see the days crossing 30c to maintain at 31/32c for the next 3 days. Minimum also rising.

Cold conditions s in Delhi on Monday with the lows going down to 4c, which will be 5c below normal.

A very strong ridge of high pressure will prevail over the West, with very warm temperatures aloft, while the east will be dominated by a deep trough of low pressure, that will bring extreme cold down to the surface.

Chicago Weather:

Chicago is bearing the brunt of cold conditions now, with some records about to topple.. 
Jan minimum temperatures

 now forecasted to reach -30c by month end !

On Sunday, as much of the country plunged into polar temperatures, President Donald Trump took the opportunity to make a dig at climate science on Twitter.

"Be careful and try staying in your house," he tweeted. "Large parts of the Country are suffering from tremendous amounts of snow and near record setting cold. Amazing how big this system is. Wouldn't be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned Global Warming right now!"


Rajesh said...


Snow is measured as solid precipitation in a snow guage. When converted to equivalent liquid precipitation, when the temperature is upto -6c, one inch of liquid precipitation would fall as 10 inches of snow -- assuming the storm is all snow. But, the amount of moisture in each snowflake differs depending on the temperature changing the snow to rain ratio.
Heavy, wet snow has a very high water content and 4 or 5 inches of heavy, wet snow can contain about one inch of water, while it may take 20 inches of dry, powdery snow to equal one inch of water. The 10=1 equation also assumes a 'perfect' snowmelt without evaporation or other losses.
So, for powdery snow the ratio may change, but as a rule we can take 1:10 ratio for snow upto -6c. Below -6c the ration chages and increases slightly.
so, 44 cms odf snow = 44 mms of equivalent rain.

In other words, the snow ratio is simply how much liquid would result if you melted the snow. The average snow ratio is 10 to 1 (10 inches of snow for 1 inch of liquid water), which is usually seen with temperatures near and upto -5/6c.

shiekhz said...

Only light rain :( gfs showing more southward movement than previous one i though this would be stronger one... but ok thanks for update sir..

sset said...

Thanks Rajesh Sir great explanation about "snow ratio", 44 cms of snow = 44 mms of equivalent rain ! New concept to learn.

Rajesh Sir is a weather + mathematician + physics expert! all in one
I can think of "Leonardo da Vinci"

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