Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Posted Wednesday 12th December Afternoon:

The fresh Low in the Bay ( BB-14) is likely to strengthen and become a depression in 24 hrs. The twin Low South of BB-14 will help the system strengthen further and become Deep. Subsequently possibility of a cyclone forming is Low as we see dry NE winds along the East Coast. System will cross the North Tamil Nadu Coast around 15th/16th . Very squally winds and rough seas expected along the TN Coast from Friday.
Heavy rains likely in Chennai on Saturday with Gusty winds. Days will drop to 25c on Saturday and Sunday.

An East-West trough is likely to attract East winds into Maharashtra from Thursday. As the above system approaches, moisture will creep into Telengana, N.I.K. Marathwada and Vidharbh.
Rains and Thunder showers with possible hail likely in the Marathwada and Vidhrbh region on Saturday and Sunday.

Maharashtra: Interior getting cooler days, Coast warming :
With East winds blowing across Maharashtra (i) The day temperatures will start to drop in interior Maharashtra. 
Pune may see around 24/25c as the days high this weekend with clouds.
Nagpur will get weekend rains and cooler days.
(ii) However, we will see the Konkan Coast warming up again, with 
Mumbai seeing a rise in the days to around 33c again. From Thursday itself, or latest by Friday, Mumbai will feel the days getting warmer. The pleasant lows of the last 3 nights can also rise by a couple of degrees to around 20c (Scruz).


Cumulus arjun said...

Sir, what would be the minimum at Pune?

Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks a lot for your coverage for the upcoming rainy spell for TN.

sset said...

TN and AP waiting for rains with holding breaths! Intense drought spares none...specially Anantapur,Rayalseema,TN.
Worry factor is system has moved east - will this move towards TN/SAP to give widespread rain?
How does western disturbance impact system - system may move rapidly up towards eastern India?

This would last system of 2018 - all hopes on this system.

Narayanan chennai said...

Rajesh sir -please advise if the current system is heading north skipping TN.

sset said...

Guess some miracle 'ridge' should appear which will arrest north movement to give rains for TN/SAP. GAJA also made surprise U turn but unfortunately did not give widespread 3 digit torrential rains like Orissa - Thithli. Maybe western disturbances pull system north but strong ridge will prevent the same and allow west movement...

sset said...

As predicted by vagaries cold winds blowing over Navi Mumbai - looks like it is going to rain!!

Rawat said...

sir when Delhi Temp fall?

Rajesh said...

Annop: Delhi has already shown around 20/21c in the day and 7/8c at night. Delhi days will fall below this level after the passing of the BB-14 system from mainland. We will see fog after 20th in the day.