Friday, December 14, 2018

Posted Friday 14th December 11.30 am IST:

BB-14 , a deep depression now, is situated at 8.2N and 87.6E. the system is 960 kms East /South East off Chennai.
Estimated core pressure is 1004 mb and estimated core winds at 55-65 kmph.
Will deepen more now to a Cyclone.
Expected to track North initially, and then N/NW. When it will encounter drier air of NE winds blowing along East Coast. May weaken 1 Stage.
Will "graze" A.P. coast around 16th December. Possibility  of "Graze" and re curve N/NE, and re enter moist air again.

Week end:
Pune may see around 25/26c as the days high this weekend with clouds.
Nagpur will get weekend rains and much cooler days on sunday/Monday (20/22c).

However, we will see the Konkan Coast warming up again, with 
Mumbai seeing a rise in the days to around 32/33c again. The pleasant lows can also rise by a couple of degrees to around 20c (Scruz).

Hyderabad : After getting record December rains of 47 mms on Thursday, some more rains this weekend. Cold days around 22c on Sunday/Monday.


sset said...

Narayan worst we thought has happened. System has skipped Tamil Nadu and South Andhra Pradesh.
Who is culprit - > useless western disturbances or absence of ridge ?
If every year this continues south east India will become barren desert.

sset said...

Seems Orissa, Chattisgarh, MP may receive more rains than Tamil Nadu, South Andhra Pradesh - for name sake it is NEM !

Narayanan chennai said...

Yes strong systems mostly moves away from core NEM regions only weak systems stay in low latitudes and beneficial..

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