Thursday, December 20, 2018

INDIA ..Under the grip of winter 
20 Dec 2018

Mostly dry weather is prevailing over the country.Himalayas are in deep freeze.
Even in absence of a strong Western Disturbance effect , most of India is in grip of winter due to Northwest winds.

1) Min temp map 

  • Shekhawati region of Rajasthan (Churu,Sikar) has reported lowest min temps (freezing point) over the plains and plateaus of the country.
  • Mumbai (Scz) ,Delhi (Sfd) reported lowest min temp of the season till now. 
  • In Maharashtra , the lowest min temp of 6 c was reported at Nagar .Mumbai region min temp was in 11 c to 18 c range. Pune city region min temp was in 8 c to 12 c range.

During the weekend ..

  • The below normal min temps to continue over Rajasthan , Haryana ( min temps 0 c to 6 c ).
  • Delhi will be around 4-6 c range .
  • East India min temp will fall by 2/3 c .Kolkata min temp will fall to 10 /11 c .
  • Pune city (west) min temp will be around 11 c and Pune city (east) will be around 14 c .
  • Mumbai Scz min temp will be around 18 c .
  • Bengaluru will be partly cloudy at 17/18 c.
  • Chennai will be partly cloudy at 21 / 22 c.
2) Max temp map 

  • Most of the country was fine ,crisp,sunny during the day. Shekhawati region of Rajasthan (Churu,Sikar)  had daily temp range of upto 30 c .
  • The max temp was mostly normal throughout the country (except East India , where it was below normal) .The humidity was lowest in West Indian region.
  • Mumbai region max temp was in 27 c to 33 range.

  • During the weekend ,
    • Most of the country will continue to be sunny and dry (some rains may be confined to south Tamilnadu , Kerala).
    • Delhi max will be around 22/24 c range .
    • Kolkata max will settle at 25 c .
    • Pune city max will be around 29 c .
    • Mumbai Scz will be dry and sunny at 33 c .
    • Bengaluru will be partly cloudy at 27/28 c .
    • With not much rains , Chennai will be partly cloudy and breezy at 29/30 c.

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    Hrishikesh said...

    going on a college trip
    28-29 dec-chandigarh
    30-2 jan-manali
    3-6 amritsar
    can u please add these places to the next forecast so we can plan activities accordingly