Friday, October 13, 2017

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Pune got Thrashed with massive TS today on 13 October 2017
Pune gets it's first century of the 2017 in fag end of Monsoon season  !!

Violent Massive Thunderstorm struck Pune with multiple lightning strikes and gusty winds !!

As per Vagarian Shreyas, TS started around 1.45pm so Technically Pune got massive 100mm in 1hr between  1.45pm to 2.45pm period so almost cloud burst like rain it was !!

But as IMD records hourly in AWS & 3 hourly manually so few mms got bifurcated , so statistically Pune got 89mms in one hour between 1.30pm & 2.30pm  & rest 12mm in next 3hrs till 5.30pm. 

So totally Pune IMD observatory recorded 101mms rainfall till 5.30pm today.

Some more rainfall amount from Pune Suburbs till 5.30pm today:

Pashan 68mm
Talegaon 58mm
Katraj 23mm
Yerwada 21mm

Some pics of Pune rains which flooded the city today evening 

Image Source: Twitter


Saurabh said...

That must have been intense.

Saurabh said...

Bay of Bengal cyclone, next week? Is it possible? Whats your view?

Saurabh said...

Hyderabad. Big surplus. Has already crossed 100 cm(year to date) and still counting.

Rajesh said...

Saurabh: Mentioned about it in yesterday's post..only the Low formation stage...will follow development

Abhijit Modak said...

With another 30mm till 8.30pm, Seems like Bangalore has broken it's highest ever annual rainfall record of 1600mm !! As 1610mm till 8.30pm today !

Rohit Aroskar said...

Bengaluru rocks..Some people in shock ;p

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir on 18 in bob there is developing cyclone?

Prasad said...

Pune today also on raddar. Very heavy rain
With thunder.

sset said...

Many models and blogs suggest below normal NE monsoon for SE India,Sri Lanka (which is not good). NE monsoon as it its name lows may hit only NE India (Bangladesh,orissa,WB,NE stats,Burma).. only hope if by nature mercy hits south India may trigger NE monsoon.

Navi Mumbai - atom bomb like thunders - seems never ending SWM may dump huge torrentials...

Unknown said...

Very heavy rain in santacruz with thunder...same has pune

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,its going to be dry for entire Maharashtra from monday..
In your post on 12oct thur you have written we will announce withdrawal on Monday 15th....Monday is 16th...still its raining in it is raining intermittently from 12pm and now its 4:47pm...Do you expect rains in mumbai and konkan as thunderstorms after withdrawal

Unknown said...

Very dangerous lighting and thunder here in santacruz

Unknown said...

This has been a fascinating SW Monsoon and I love that it continues to defy all odds and staying back to delight us more. Nature and it's Vagaries as Rajesh so aptly calls it !!


Rajesh said...

Abizer/Parshuram:The Low to form in Bay (BB-13 ) I hope i have the numbering correct, will definitely deepen like i said, upto the DD level at least. Its further strength depends on the track it takes.
Mumbai's further rainfall after Monsoon also depends on the BB-13 track.

An east west upper level trough persisting along 18/19N along Western Maharashtra may bring thunder showers to Konkan and Western Mah on Sunday also.

Unknown said...

Thundering in santacruz

North India heat on 24th From Navdeep Dahiya Maharashtra heat on 24th.. Graph courtesy Shri Hosalikar (RMC)