Wednesday, October 11, 2017


  • KHAMGAON (RAIGAD) 415 mms

Nasik region received heavy TS activity yesterday .. Kopergaon 92 mms , Lasalgaon 77 mms..
Mangalvedha (Solapur) 175 mms ,Shirgaon (Ratnagiri) 98 mms ,Jat(Sangli) 54 mms
Mumbai lakes received 30 to 60 mms ..

Maharashtra (including Konkan , Mumbai) is currently witnessing one of the longest thunderstorm seasons (from 10 September)..
Expected to continue till Saturday 14 Oct 2017..

Many 100+mms (IN 1-2 HOURS) TS events with electrifying squally thunderstorms have been reported during the past one month throughout Maharashtra including Mumbai ..
Eg. Kitwade(Ghats) 222 mms , Mangalvedha(Solapur) 175 mms and Borivli (Mumbai) 161 mms

Mumbai Lakes have received good TS rainfall in October till now (total 100 to 155 mms ) ..The result is, currently the lakes have maintained 30 Sep 2017 water levels (99%) till now .. 

At Mumbai , Vagaries Club has recorded total 99 mms rains in October TS till now .. Mangalvedha(Solapur) has recorded 236 mms, Badlapur has recorded 215 mms..Abhona (Nasik ) has recorded 211 mms

(Thanks to Rajesh sir, Shivkumar, Abhijit, Abhishek Apte)


Vinod Desai said...

I agree even if we look at the season as a whole we have had more number of days with thunder storms this year. Also at the start of monsoon we had many thunder days.

Unknown said...

Nice informative figures Rohit, whats the dams status in Marathwada as it will be beneficial for them for the forthcoming months bcoz this region has suffered a lot

Nimish Thaker said...

Good stats Rohit, agree with Vinod, this year Mumbai has had many thunderstorm days. A bit uncharacteristic for Mumbai. In fact I remember that since the last one month we have many UACs / Troughs around Mumbai, almost non-stop.


Abizer kachwala said...

Good data compilation and presentation .....perfect analysis

sset said...

Looks like 2013 format - SWM eating away NEM ?

rajesh said...

South West Monsoon begins withdrawal from the previous Line shown and withdraws Southwards into South Gujarat and Maharashtra this weekend.

Mumbai City: Thursday Forecast :Partly cloudy with chances of a few showers.
Kolkata: Light rains continue next few days.
Bangalore: Somewhat heavy showers continue next 3 days.

Week end forecast will be up on Thursday.

Ron said...

looks like the rains are coming to an end in Mumbai. :(

Cumulus arjun said...

Yeah no rain yesterday. Some rains expected today and tomorrow and at the most at a few places on 14th. After that end of SWM 2017 in Mumbai :(

NilaY Wankawala said...

very informative statistics Rohit

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