Sunday, March 19, 2017

Posted Sunday Night (19th):

> Western Disturbance will precipitate rains and snow (in the upper reaches) of Kashmir and H.P. on 21st Tuesday and 22nd Wednesday. 
Rains will also effect Northern and Western Pakistan these days.

> Gujarat expected to get hotter from Monday into the week:
Cities in Saurashtra will reach 38c by Tuesday.
 Ahmadabad: Sunday was at 35c. Days are expected to get hotter, with maximum touching 40c by Tuesday and  Wednesday
 Surat and Bharuch expected to heat up next week reaching 38/39c by Tuesday/Wednesday.

> Mumbai: Max temperature on Sunday was at 34c ( Scruz). Days expected to get slightly hotter by 2/3c on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.
 Pune which was 35c on Sunday, expected to rise to 37c by Tuesday and 38c on Thursday.

> Cities in Vidharbh expected to be around 38/39c from Monday thru Wednesday.


Cumulus arjun said...

Oh, still snow in north India and Pakistan even in March end.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Credit WMO

World Meteorological Day takes place every year on 23 March and commemorates the coming into force on 23 March 1950 of the Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization. It showcases the essential contribution of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to the safety and wellbeing of society and is celebrated with activities around the world. The themes chosen for World Meteorological Day reflect topical weather, climate or water-related issues.

Visit the WMO World Meteorological Day website at

sset said...

Bangalore Bellandur lake (for name sake "lake") is again forth toxic fumes.
Shame when entire Karnataka is in drought govt has no inclination to protect its lakes nor trees. They should learn from Mumbai lakes - it is a sight to cherish.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Eagerly awaiting your monsoon watch series !!

sset said...

Skymet says below normal rains. Anyway it is too early to comment.
Whatever it is Maharashtra, Central India are in comfortable position - 2016 rains (2-3 years of rain in 1 year). But for southern India - 2017 monsoon failure will be disastrous - already in serious drought.

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