Saturday, December 19, 2015

Posted Saturday 19th Evening (Forecast for Sunday/Monday and Tuesday)

A Cold wave with below normal temperatures swept across the Northern plains of India and Pakistan, and covered regions of Saurashtra and parts of North-west Maharashtra regions. M.P. and U.P. also saw below normal temperatures.

Estimate for Sunday 20th/Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd:
Night temperatures rising (from current levels) in the plains of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi and in U.P. Temperatures will also show a rise in Gujarat and M.P. Night temperatures will remain above normal in Vidharbh and Marathwada. Most of the Deccan and Chattisgarh and Odisha will be above normal.

Regional showers are likely in Southern Chattisgarh, adjoining East Vidharbh and Odisha ( some areas can get hail also). Some isolated patches of Eastern Odisha and coastal A.P. may get light rains.
Southern most parts of TN can get showers. A weak WD may bring precipitation to Northern most Pakistan and Kashmir region.

Showers may continue in Southern TN till 25th, while rest of the regions in the sub continent will be mostly dry from 22nd -25th December.

City Weather for Sunday 20th/Monday 21st/Tuesday 22nd:
Mumbai: Partly cloudy Sunday. Days will be around 31c and nights around 18/19c (Santa Cruz). Morning nip in the air again on Tuesday 22nd possible.
Pune : The city has not yet felt the real winter effect. This winter may still be prolonged without a meaning full drop next 3 nights also.
For Holidays in Mahableshwar, the hill station may not offer the required cold and wintry weather next 3 days. The days will be sunny, and rather warm at 28c, while nights may not give comfort to even outer township (of Mumbai) guys, as the low may not dip below 14c.

Ahmadabad: Of course dry and sunny. Day and night range will be between 27/28c and 11/12c.
Kolkata: Brief rain spell over, now dry and days around 26c. After a cold morning on Sunday, misty mornings between 16-17c.
Delhi NCR: Foggy and misty with moderate SE winds on Monday/Tuesday. Slight rise in night temperatures.
Bangalore will be dry and the temperature range will be between 26c and 18c.

Raipur: Cloudy and rain on Monday and possibly Tuesday.
Nagpur: A cloudy Sunday, with very light rains in some parts.

Srinagar: The nights are very cold , with the low at -4c on Saturday. We see below freezing nights till Tuesday and as it gets cloudy again, days will be around 5c. Light snow expected on Tuesday.

Karachi and Sindh remains dry. Karachi will range between 27/28c and 11/12c, while other cities in Sindh may see a slight rise in night temperatures from current levels.

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