Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Posted 23rd Wednesday Evening:


23rd Dec 2015 :Mumbai SCZ @ 28.3 c / 11.6 c  (lowest min temp of 2015) 
Colaba Day was 27.3c and Low at 17.8c.

Lowest in Mumbai Outer region : Badlapur @ 10.5 c (Vagarian Abhijit's private reading )
Lowest in State 23rd Morning : Nashik @ 6 c

Other Maharashtra Regions:Max temp of Wednesday and Min of Wed morning.

MARATHWADA..warmer than usual
OSMANABAD          31.2( 2.0)      13.9( 0.3) 
AURANGABAD        29.0( 0.7)     13.0( 2.1) 
PARBANI                  31.7( 2.6)     14.2( 0.5) 
NANDED                   32.5( 2.4)     10.0(-2.4) 

VIDARBHA..Continues to be above normal and even warmer than usual
AKOLA                      29.6( 0.3)    11.7(-1.7) 
AMRAOTI                 28.4(-0.7)    13.0(-2.3) 
BULDHANA             26.5(-0.6)    13.6(-0.9) 
BRAMHAPURI          30.5( 2.2)    19.0( 6.9) 
CHANDRAPUR         31.2( 1.5)    18.6( 5.3) 
GONDIA                    26.7(-1.5)   16.7( 4.3) 
NAGPUR                  29.5( 1.2)     18.1( 5.6) 
Washim                      31.0             19.0 
WARDHA                31.0( 2.4)     17.0( 3.1)
YEOTMAL               29.0( 0.8)    15.0(-0.1) 

Temp at some Vagarian locations - 
Mahabaleshwar :25/14 , Jabalpur : 25/11 , Rajkot : 28 /11 ,Junagadh:27/15 ,Ahmedabad : 26/08 , Surat:28/14 , Sambalpur : 25/19 (trace rain) , Bhubaneshwar: 27/18 (trace rain), Jhansi : 22/07 , Meerut : 20/05 , Ujjain : 24/08,  , Una: 20/-2, Srinagar : 10/0, Raipur : 28/20 (trace rain),  Delhi SFD: 20/07 , Kolkata AP :23/15 , Bengaluru :29/18, Hyderabad : 33/20 ,  Chennai AP: 32/23 ,Ambalavayal (Kerala) : 28/15, Kozhikode (Kerala) :36/24
Posted 22nd Tuesday:
As predicted by Vagaries on the blog dated 19th Dec; nip in the air today morning, in and around Mumbai

Mumbai SCZ : 13.4 c  (lowest temp of 2015) 
Mahabaleshwar : 13.1 c

North Konkan (Mumbai) continues to be cooler than most parts of the Deccan plateau !!

Lowest in Mumbai region : Palghar @ 9.6 c 
Lowest in State : Nashik @ 7.4 c 

(Click and enlarge for better view) 

(Thanks to Rajesh sir for Vagaries club temp and Abhijit for Badlapur temp)

Temp at some Vagarian locations
Jabalpur : 24/10 , Rajkot : 28 /11 ,Junagadh:28/11 ,Ahmedabad : 27/11 , Sambalpur : 27/19 (10 mms) ,Bhubaneshwar:24/19 (6 mms), Jhansi : 21/06 , Meerut : 20/05 , Ujjain : 25/08,  , Una: 22/0 , Srinagar : 9/0, Raipur : 30/19 (9 mms),  Delhi AP: 19/06 , Kolkata AP :24/16 , Bengaluru :29/17, Hyderabad : 32/20 ,  Chennai AP: 33/22 ,Ambalavayal (Kerala) : 28/17, Kozhikode (Kerala) :36/25

(Agreeing to Vagaries predictions.. eg..Raipur was predicted to be rainy .. Ahmedabad in 27/28 c to 11/12 c range ..)

Dal Lake Freezes:
With the beginning of “Chilai Kalan”, parts of world-famous Dal lake froze on Monday as Srinagar city witnessed the coldest night of the season with the mercury plunging to 5.6 degrees Celsius below the freezing point.

A Met official said Dal lake and other water bodies in the Valley were partially frozen due to intense cold wave conditions. “The minimum temperature recorded in Srinagar on Monday was minus 5.6 degrees. The lowest ever recorded in December has been minus 12.6 degrees on Dec 13, 1964,” he said.

The lake was completely frozen twice in the last 50 years, in 1986 and 1964. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Kashmir was minus 14.4 degrees Celsius on January 31, 1893.

(Srinagar News From Deccan Herald)


Rohit Aroskar said...

Difference in temp between North Konkan and South Konkan/Goa is significant :

North Konkan : Palghar min @ 9.6 c , Dahanu max @ 28.4 c
South Konkan : Vengurla min @ 18.9 c , Vengurla max @ 32.2 c

Rohit Aroskar said...

Difference in temp between North Deccan and South Deccan plateau is significant :

North Deccan : Nashik min @ 7.4 c , Nashik max @ 29 c
South Deccan : Gulbarga min @ 21.9 c , Bidar max @ 36 c

Rajesh said...

superb presentation rohit

Rohit Aroskar said...

Today max will settle for less ..
Mumbai Colaba 27 c , Mumbai Scz 28 c during afternoon (crisp , breezy with clear blue skies)

Rajesh said...

From Nilay
Credit Australian government
Bureau of meteorology.

Latest ENSO Wrap-Up issued 22 December 2015

The latest ENSO Wrap-Up and Climate Model Summary are now available on the Bureau's website.

El Niño remains strong, but some cooling now observed at depth
El Niño remains near its peak, with the tropical Pacific Ocean and overlying atmosphere consistent with a strong event. Models suggest the event will start to decline in 2016, but a return to ENSO-neutral is not likely until at least autumn.

Sea surface temperatures and cloud patterns near the Date Line remain well in excess of El Niño thresholds. The Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) has returned to El Niño levels following a brief period of neutral values. Below-surface ocean temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific remain significantly warmer than average, but clearly some cooling has occurred in the past fortnight. Changes in the sub-surface are an important indicator, as the sub-surface plays a significant role in maintaining the strength and longevity of El Niño events.

El Niño's influence on Australian rainfall is variable at this time of year, with both wetter and drier summers observed in past events depending on how quickly the event breaks down. Both daytime and overnight temperatures tend to be warmer than average during an El Niño summer. For more information, see the official rainfall and temperature outlook.

The Indian Ocean Dipole has little influence on Australian climate between December and April. However, Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures remain very much warmer than average across the majority of the basin. This basin-wide warmth may provide extra moisture for rain systems across Australia.

11:02 AM, December 22, 2015 Delete

Vinod Desai said...

Today early morning was really very cold here in mumbai.

Abhijit Modak said...

Maharashtra further cools today. Some initial min temp for today(23-12-2015) :

Mumbai(N.Konkan) :

Scruz 11.6°C
Vagaries Club 15.5°C
Colaba 17.8°C

Badlapur(private reading) 10.5°C
Palghar AWS 10.7°C
Dombivli(private reading) 13.2°C
Thane AWS 14.1°C
Ratnagiri 15.5°C
Alibag 16.0°C

Madhya Maha & Marathawada temp :

Nashik 6.0°C
Pune 9.8°C (sees first single digit temp of the season today)
Jalgaon & Nanded 10.0°C
Akola 11.7°C
Jalna 12.0°C
Satara 12.5°C
Aurangabad 13.0°C

Mahabaleshwar 14.0°C continues to warmer than all above mentioned cities !!

Unknown said...

Dal lake had also frozen in the month of jan,1963 when unusual below normal temperatures as well as below normal precipitation was reported.
Moreso, some abnormally higher temperatures are expected from the coming werkend in almost entire north india as well as pakistan and southern afghanistan and iran

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...