Thursday, August 14, 2014

Posted Thursday Night:
Weekend Forecast and Weather Situation:

Friday 15th :
North and East: Light to medium rain expected in Punjab, Haryana, UP and Gangetic W.Bengal. Heavy falls in HP and Himalayn W.Bengal, Sikkim and NE States.
West and Central: Light showers in some regions of Saurashtra, Konkan and MP. Dry in Rajasthan and Marathwada.
South: Light rains in Interior Karnataka, Madhya Mah, Vidarbh and Kerala. Heavy falls in coastal Karnataka.

Pakistan: Light rains in coastal Sindh. Heavier falls in Pak Punjab. 

Saturday 16th:
Rains decreasing in most regions mentioned for Friday. Except coastal Karnataka, Kerala, W. Bengal and NE States.
Dry in Rajasthan, West MP, Vidharbha, Marathwada and Telengana.
In Pakistan, rains decrease in Coastal Sindh. But continue in Pak Punjab and Western Pakistan areas..

Sunday 17th: Decerase in Overall Rainfall. Light to medium rains with  heavy rain regions in coastal Karnataka and parts of Kerala..
Dry in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat (except South coastal), West UP. 

Showers decrease in Pak Punjab, but isolated in Western Pakistan regions.

Friday and Saturday: Partly cloudy with sunny periods. Few passing showers will bring around 10-15 mms per day.
Sunday: Decrease in rains. Sunny and some passing showers. Accumulating 7-10 mms.
Monday onwards seems to be hotter and drier.

Delhi NCR:
Thunder showers in parts on Friday afternoon or evening. Saturday again, a thunder shower may pop up in some area, spilling into Sunday early morning. Weather clears, and rains decrease from Sunday ...dya getting hot from Monday.

Pune: Weekend will see some light rains in parts of the city. Otherwise partly cloudy.

Nagpur: dry and warm weekend. Rains possible increasing later next week.

Bangalore: Thunder shower possible in some parts of Bangalore or vicinity. Rains increasing later next week.
Chennai: Thunder shower or rains possible on Friday night in many parts of Chennai. Saturday and Sunday may see the odd shower in parts.

Karachi: Light rain possible on Friday or early Saturday. Almost dry from Sunday into next week.
Islamabad gets some rain on Friday and Saturday. But Gujrat in Pak Punjab can get heavy rains on Friday night..maybe more than 25-30 mms.


Neeraj said...

Heavy rains continuing in Nepal from Wednesday evening as expected. It seems Kathmandu rains will continue into the weekend.

Unknown said...

thnx for d update rajesh sir

Abhijit Modak said...


Anonymous said...

When will the withdrawal begin in Pak and NW India?

sset said...

Will be nothing else than a miracle if system over Bay gives rain to chronic drought striken SE India (TN,Rayalseema). Lord Krishna blessing and Rajesh Sir predictions are needed! Mumbai is having glorious scottish weather...

Neeraj said...

Really heavy rains. Chisapani in western Nepal received 493 mm in 24 hours.

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai weather is wired at one moment it is sunny then suddenly it starts raining heavily then again it turns sunny

Wasim said...

Rajesh sir please tell why the satellite images over East India showing a west to east movement of clouds typical of pre monsoon period while we are now at peak of monsoon?

Rajesh said...

Neeraj:Yes, There was colossal rains in Nepal. Chisapani 493 mms, Birendarnagar 427 mms, Dang 232 mms, Nepalgunj 172 mms, Dhangadi 147 mms.
Expected floods down stream.

Rajesh said...

washim: Winds are west to east due to the axis position.strong westerly winds blowing south of the axis.

Ishan: Monsoon normally withdraws in early september from extreme west

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