Thursday, August 11, 2011

Very Heavy rains have precipitated in the Kutch regions on Wednesday and Thursday. Bhuj receiving 150 mms and Mandvi 119 mms and Gandhidham 117 mms amongst the highest. Rainfall will decrease substantially from Friday.

The low, now over eastern Sindh in Pakistan, has precipitated very heavy rainfall in Sindh region. Mithi being the highest with 291 mms. Hyderabad (Sindh) measured 104 mms of rain and Karachi saw between 14-26 mms in different areas.
Vagaries had predicted heavy rains for Hyderabad region as the core of the system seemed to be heading westwards in that direction, with favourable lifted index.

System is expected to weaken by Friday, and then linger on as an UAC till Saturday. Friday heavy rains will continue in Southern Sindh regions, before tapering off by Saturday evening. Lower Sindh cities can still receive heavy rains exceeding 75 mms till Friday evening.

Karachi will have overcast conditions for Friday with a few light/medium showers. Saturday we may see a decrease in rain amounts.

Another low has formed in the W.Bengal/Jharkhand region. Not expecting it to move beyond this region.

Mumbai for the weekend:

Friday: Cloudy with 4/5 showers, of medium duration, during the entire day . A couple of these could be brief and heavy. Rain amount 10-15 mms.

Saturday: Overcast with frequency of showers increasing during the day. A few showers will be heavy and of longer duration. Rain amount around 25 mms.

Sunday: Cloudy and overcast. showers will be frequent, with a couple of them heavy in some areas. Rain amount 25 mms.


Pavan said...

By seeing insat pic r there any chance of revaival in int mah kar during next week int gettng dry and many areas are gng scanty

Tyrone said...

Karachi 26 mm right on target Rajesh as per your previous forecast. Could you explain why Karachi missed out as compared to Mithi, Chhor etc even though there was massive clouding over KHI?

NT said...

Continous short duration rain showers in Andheri since morning. Some heavy as predicted by Rajesh, none lasting more than 10 minutes though.

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