Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In a follow up of the last blog (1st Aug)...

There it is ! The UAC from the Bay has determined its course, and entered inland, thru the Orissa coast. With good clouding in the eastern segment, our prediction is honoured.
Good rainfall today (Wednesday) is recorded in Vidarbh and Eastern M.P. Nagpur measuring 61 mms till today evening. Jabalpur in East M.P.saw 57 mms, and Gondia recorded 27 mms. Several stations in the region had 25-35 mms.

And, the UAC over Gujarat persists at 700 mb level.

Holding on to the forecast of some rains along the N.Konkan coast on Thursday, as the UAC moves westwards and weakens. Mumbai, you will recall, has been tipped off (Monday Blog) to get some rainfall Thursday/Friday.
The Monsoon trough should shift North on Friday. After Friday, I see the whole scene going "slow" on the rainfall front in the regions south of the axis, and additional rain north of it.

Seeing good rainfall increase in Nepal from Friday, but nothing meaningfull in Southern Pakistan.

See International Page for a detailed Report : Mark Vogan's Preliminary UK-Europe Winter Forecast 2011-2012


PWP said...

PWP congratulates vagaries for having a "Space News" section that will be very good for the Space lovers of the Sub-continent..Thanks

Shitij said...

Rajesh please tell me whether UAC which is currently located over the Orissa state will bring any rain to the South Gujarat?

Pradeep said...

Sangameshwar crosses 5000 mm and overtakes Kollur for the race of wettest place during SWM 2011

What a rainfall Sangameshwar had in 2011. Kollur was leading Sangameshwar by more than 1000 mm during mid July. In last 5 days, Sangameshwar has got 840 mm and it was enough to overtake Kollur. The much famed Cherrapunji got 250 mm today. Will its legendery rainfall start, we can see that by end of September. I have missed noting down many places such as Tamini, Lonavala and Koyna.

Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2011 to 03.08.2011 (64 days)

Rainfall in mm’s

1.Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 5036
2.Kollur (Karnataka) – 4982
3.Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 4485
4.Agumbe (Karnataka) – 4439
5.Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 3600
6.Kadra (Karnataka) – 3576
7.Rajapur (Maharashtra) – 3507
8.Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 3488
9.Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) – 3324
10.Bhira (Maharashtra) – 3312

Rajesh said...

Pwp: Thanks, for the support..i do put up simple articles and latest on space which i find would be interesting..
Shitij: Forget the UAC..S.Gujarat will get some rain till Friday..then rains will reduce.
Pradeep: Thanks for the rain amounts...pradeep, why dont u contact me at

Anonymous said...

borivali (west) is receiving very heavy showers that last around 15 to 25 mins and drop huge amounts of water. and in between them is almost sunny interval!!

Bumper rain in India in September despite of El Nino

Despite fear of El Nino, it is raining a lot in September in India. El Nino certainly on a vacation mode. All India September rain is a whop...