Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trivandrum recieved a massive 183 mm of rain in a day on 27th. March. This amount of rain is unprecedented, for the city, for a day's rain for the month of March. Previously, in 2008, Trivandrum had recieved 84mms in a day on the 23rd. of March.
Now, this record has been broken in leaps and bounds, and may hold on for quite a many years . This considering the fact that the normal rain for March for this city is 40mms.
The rains might linger on off the Kerala coast for the next couple of days, bringing some more thundershowers to the south Kerala coast.
But, the months total this year is 183mm, this being the first rains of the month. The highest total for March is 315mms , recorded in 2008.
This sudden cloudburst may be the result of an intense heat wave, the city has been through for the last 10days. Highs in Trivandrum had shot to 37.5c on a couple of days last week, a whisker short of the all time high for March of 37.7c.
The rain map shows the rains in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and almost all of Sri Lanka. Most probably a short lived easterly wave.

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