Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Extreme Heat Wave prevailed over Gujarat, Rajasthan, Vidharbh and the Northern States of India on 20/21/22/23 March.
Himalayan states of Kashmir, H.P.and Utteranchal were under intense heat, unusual and uncharacteristic for the terrain.
Srinagar, Simla, New Delhi and Dehra Dun, are all 1 degree away from the March all time high.
During the current heat wave period, Delhi reached 39.5, Srinagar and Simla reached 26c. In Gujarat, Ahemdabad was 42.5c, and Idar highest at 43.6c. In Vidharbh it was Chandrapur at 43.9c. (Have mentioned some more highs in my previous blogs).

21/22/23/ March 2010:
Some of the extremely High and Very Much above Normals of the past 2 days.
Hissar: 42 (+10) 25 (+10)
Srinagar: 26 (+12) 11(+8)
Simla 16 (+11)
Palanpur 30 (+10) 18 (+8)
Dharamsala 30 (+8)
Ambala 38 (+8)
Dehradun 36 (+8)
Keylong 14 (+7) 3 (+5)

Now, as per our blog discussion on 22 March,the abetment of heat has already commenced, and the day temperatures have reached around +7c above normal now.
With a couple of W.Ds approaching the Northern region, one can surely expect a further fall in the temperatures, and be back to normal levels, at least.
For sure, the ridge in the North-West plains (mentioned in my previous blog) has moved away, and this should make it easy for the W.D.s to move into the Northen states, rather than move away over Kashmir, as has happened so far this month.
And, the perfect condition for good monsoon forecast would be rains precipitating northwards of Rajasthan, and keeping the Northern Peninsula dry in March.

Mumbai is back to reasonable day temperature regions.And at 31c in the day, we have no reasons to complain about "heat".
As mentioned, Mumbai will see a range of 34/35c in the day and 25c at night thru this month.
No grumbling after seeing the figures of the other cities. 42/43...whew THATS HOT !!

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