Monday, March 08, 2010

Maximum Temperatures on 8th.March:

Tak ( Thailand) 41°
Phetchabun ( Thailand) 40°
Bhumibol Dam (Thailand) 40°
Kosumphisai ( Thailand) 40°
Thong Pha Phum ( Thailand) 40°
Monywa ( Myanmar) 40°
Prome ( Myanmar) 40°
Lampang ( Thailand) 40°
Nang Rong ( Thailand) 40°
Loei (, Thailand) 40°
Ramgundam ( India) 40°
The Far East heat is rising, with the 41c in Thailand today (8th.March), and 7 other 40s in Thailand, and 2 in Myanmar.

Indian sub continent heat was milder on the 8th, and with one 40c. The "below normal" day temperatures have now covered most of northern and central regions (IMD Map). Though the rest of the regions are still marginally above normal.
Across in Pakistan, temperatures in the day were moderate, with Nawabshah highest at 35c.

However in India, the nights are still warm. Major portions of the country show above normal temperatures, indicating no nip, nor winter coolness at nights. The coolest night in the plains of the country was at Amritsar, 10.8c and the minimum of 25.6c at Kolkatta Airport was 6c above the normal !

This anomaly NOAA map, of the 1st week of March, shows the extent of heat in the sub continent last week ! Only the extreme South is spared.

Some relief and "Feel Good" Himalayan temperatures; Lowest in Ladhak today: -26c, Lowest in Himachal today: -8c Keylong.

Lowest in Asia: Ojmjakon (Russia) -49c, Lowest in Europe:( besides Russia): Samedan Airport, Switzerland -24c.
Shall catch-up next week on the El-Nino scene.

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