Saturday, December 20, 2008

The W.D. mentioned moved eastwards into India, and formed a secondary low,aloft, at 25N. As a result,there was some rainfall in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, and some light rain in Mumbai on Friday/Saturday.The secondary low has attracted moisture clouds from the arabian Sea towards it.
But the W.D. has brought good rain/snow in the northern hills,especially in H.P.
Higher reaches in the upper Manali region experienced a fresh spell of snowfall while the lower parts of the areas received widespread rain.The Rohtang pass, gateway to Lahaul-Spiti district, including Pir Panjal ranges, Bhrighu ski slopes, Marhi meadows, Gulaba, Hamta ski slopes and Chanderkhani Pass also received fresh snowfall.
Higher reaches in Kullu had snowfall and the lower region had rains on Friday. Peaks of Mattikochhar, Mout Nag, Phungni Devi and Bijli Mahadev experienced snow today. The minimum temperature recorded at Bhuntar remained 2.7°C.

The IMD streamline map shows the winds turning to the north-south direction today. Hence, as a result, with the moving away of the current W.D.,we may expect the night and day temperatures to drop substantially in the northern states,after Tuesday. The minimums will also drop by 4-5c in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra from Tuesday. Hence, the lows in Pune may go down to 10c, and in Mumbai 15c after Tuesday. Cities in Gujarat may see a low of 9-10c also.

Meanwhile, I do not see any more systems coming from the bay now.The ICTZ is now seen moving southwards. This is established by the fact that now 2 cyclones have been formed in the southern hemisphere in the last 3 days.Hence, the rain bearing systems bringing rain to T.N. cease.


Geraldo Maia said...

It is good to visit your blog about weather! Although I do not understand this matter as an expert I notice some changes in regard to this.
From Brazil, with my best wishes:

Rajesh said...

Geraldo, Iam no expert but an weather observer. But i write more on the weather in the Asian region

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
Always nice and helpful to follow your blog... but have been stumped recently with the acronyms: ICTZ / ITCZ. Please expand next time perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh, Looking for the weather came across your blog: very good reading your comments about it . I am a Brazilian living in Holland-Rotterdam. Just got back from Brazil where the weather has been quite unlike. Very dry in some regions and a lot of rain in others. Goias and North East(Banhia to Ceara) has not been affected. I am involved in agri-business non edible crops,bio energy. It is quite unpleasant to see 100% of corn been lost because of the dry. In Holland tonight was -15 C. I live here for 20 years and had never been this cold. Llive in a very big farm from the 17th century -national patrimonial-completely modern restaured.But it is so cold at this moment that In my guests house beside the house we had to close the water plumbing,so much isolated and modern but still.
Although I am graduated in Law and economics have also studied Theology.
Just seeing now the most beautiful places in Brazil where it is still virgin and no tourist comes, admiring the nature and its beauty you cannot deny the existence of a Creator of all this.
Still the wondering and so many questions how spiritually we have influenced all this weather changes.
Want to make sure I am not an expert in weather, however being involved in Green environment, Bioma, Bioenergy you are almost daily with scientists (who are not spiritual at all) and agronomists.You ´ve got to pay attention on it .
In the point of sciences I won´t question, and the people I work with won´t t talk about spirituality, too humanist to do so.
Although more than ever I start to wonder. Doing a lot of meditation and reading spiritual books. Is not a way that God tries to talk to us through this wonderful wonder: The weather?
Looking forward hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Tania de Grave-Curado

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