Monday, December 15, 2008

Topsy Turvy and unusual weather news from Saurashtra today(Monday). Ashokbhai from Rajkot gave reports of thunder and traces of rain in Rajkot and from several places in the region.

A stream of clouds is seen pushing into the region from the Arabian Sea into M.P.

Also,a low pressure area is persistant in the Arabian Sea at 9N and 62E. This is surely going to keep winter away from the central, western and southern Indian regions for another few days. Temperatures in Gujarat and Maharashtra are 7c above normal !!

The approaching W.D. is expected to push moisture,and rain,into western Gujarat, and Kutch, alonwith Rajasthan on Tuesady thru Thursday.The W.D. will precipitate fair amounts of rain/snow all along the norhtern regions on Wednessday/Thursday.

An appraoching easterly trough, embedded in the ITCZ,can produce rain in the coastal and interiors of T.N. and spill some rain into south Karnataka and east Kerala during the next 2 days.Contrary to my earliar judgement, the monsoon rain spell in the south of the current season is extended by atleast 8 to 10 days.

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