Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The low from the bay weakened, without really gaining strenght, and now seems to dissipate over Gujarat. As a result, Gujarat will get rains today( Tuesday), for a day.

Mumbai and Maharashtra, will have a somewhat rainless week through Saturday with not much rain. In fact very little rain is expected all over maharashtra in the week , and Mumbai will get less than 5 mm of rain per day till Sunday, that is a shower or two daily.

Gujarat and Rajasthan may be dry in the week, and as a result will get hot.

The W.D. interacting with the monsoon trough in the western Himalayas produced some heavy rain in the hills of H.P. and in the region of Northern Pakistan. Rawalpindi getting 124 mms and Islamabed 49 mms. The W.D. is expected to move away to the east.

No system is expected till Sunday in the subcontinent, and quite weather over much of the region. Can get hot in the north and northwest region.

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