Thursday, August 16, 2007

As feared in the prevoius blog, the latest low did not gain much in intensity, and headed north north west and merged with the monsoon trough in the Himalayan foothills. That means a "break monsoon" condition for all of India, except the hills of western Himalayas and Bihar, east U.P.

A new low is forecsated by the IMD around the 18th. Seems ,that probably it might be a bit later than 18th. Till then warmer weather for the north and dry weather for the peninsular for another 4/5 days, at least. The highest temperature in the subcontinent was 42c at Nawabshah(Pakistan), and 38c in Hissar (India).

Mumbai will get few showers on Friday/Saturday, with rainfall of around 5-10 mms per day. But a little increase in rain, around 20 mms, is expected on Sunday, due to a weak off shore trough which might form for a day or two. Mumbai has had 1837 mms (73") of rain to date, that is 292 mms (11.5") more than normal at this date. And Santa Cruz has recorded 1930 mms (77") of rain, that is 210 mms (8.5") more than normal. for your views.

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