Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Temperatures continue to be above normal throughout India,and Pakistan.As indicated in my last blog.The days are still to cool down and the nights are warmer than usual for this time of the year.The day time temperature map of today shows that the days are warmer throughout India with exceptional warm areas on the borders in the west.
The nights too are warmer than normal,as seen in todays minimum temperature map, in the North West and Central India.The only exception is the North East part and extreme South,where it is a little below the normal.
A "W.D." has just moved across the states of Punjab,J.K.,H.P. and western U.P.after crossing Pakistan.It is forecasted that this will cool the plains of northern and central india,including the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in the next two days.A cold spell that may bring down the temperatures by 3-4°c in Maharashtra,from the current levels.

Down South,in the southern hemisphere, ,there has been some unusual weather around in parts of Australia this festive season, and bearing in mind that it is summer there at the moment, it just got weirder still.
Snow fell on Victoria’s Mount Buller and Tasmania’s Mount Wellington on Monday,bringing some Australians a white Christmas! In a country often noted for its beach-based Christmas Day barbeques, snow during the summer is not unprecedented, but is unusual.
Melbourne has had some very wierd and unstable weather!Melbourne had its hottest December day for 53 years on December 10th when the thermometer reached a sizzling 42.1C.This was followed more recently on December 22nd with the warmest December night in 45 years with a minimum temperature of just 27C .On Friday,22nd.,the cooling winds had dropped the temperature to just 19C and the thermometer continued to fall throughout the day, reaching a minimum of 10C.The change continued to be felt during Saturday,23rd. with the maximum temperature reaching 17C quite a significant change to the maximum of 37C achieved on Thursday 21st.
The vagaries of the weather !

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