Saturday, December 23, 2006

Much of Colorado was left paralysed yesterday as a major storm brought snow and blizzards, closing Denver International Airport.Up to 20inches was forecast to fall in Denver, with 2 feet or more in the foothills to the west.
On Tuesday the storm had made its way through New Mexico dumping up to a foot or more of snow over the higher ground.

Much of reeling as the minimum temperatures dropped.
Alamosa Municipal Airport (2299 m) -27°
Springfield (1335 m) -10°
Colorado Springs City (1881 m) -9°
Denver/Centennial Airport (1793 m) -9°
Telluride Regional Airport (2769 m) -9°
Trinidad Perry Stokes (1756 m) -8°
Denver Intl Airport (1656 m) -8°
Aurora Buckley AirForceBase (1726 m) -7°

In London too,thick fog is continuing to cause travel chaos.The D=day temperature in London was 1°c and the night-3°c.

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