Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last week I had mentioned the storm appraoching from the west,and the result was a fairly good amount of rain and snow stretching from Arabia to India.Places in Arabia got fairly good amounts of rain,and Sharjah getting 67mm is unusual,with various places in U.A.E and Oman getting between 70-90mm of rain,equal to their year's quota.Muscat had heavy downpours too.In Pakistan,rainfall was exceptionally heavy in Islamabad(102mm)in the North,and Karachi getting 67mm,against a normal of 4mm in December.Heavy snow has blanketed the mountains of Kashmir and H.P.

Well,its not over yet.Another low pressure system,milder than the previous one,is tracking along westwards.It is likely to produce moderate(not too heavy)rain in the Friday.Muscat will be mostly cloudy by Friday.This system will approach Pakistan/India by the 10th.and again produce fairly good rainfall.As the system is less intense than the previous one,the rain may be restricted to the areas north of Sindh in Pakistan,and north of Rajasthan in India.

Maharashtra(and Mumbai),will get colder weather from the weekend.Mumbai should see temperatures falling slightly to 18°and the interiors will have sharper fall in temperature(Pune and Mahableshwar maybe 10°)

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