Saturday, December 09, 2006

A renewed spell of rain is headed for southeastern India (northern Tamil Nadu, southern Andhra Pradesh) this weekend -Saturday night and early Sunday. This is much needed after an unusually long dry spell in the midst of the N.E.Monsoon.

Another storm will begin to trigger rains over northwestern Gulf area on Monday into Tuesday. Downpours and thunderstorms are possible in UAE and northern most Oman on Tuesday. Muscat may also get some rain on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, night temperatures have fallen to some extent(though they have now reached normal levels)in North India and Gujarat/Maharashtra region.on the 9th, Amritsar was the lowest in the plains at 4° and Delhi touched 7°. Elswhere in Maharashtra, Nasik and Pune were at 12°. The nights are expected to get much colder in the North after the crossing of the storm coming in from the west. Effectively it should reach 3-5° below normal in the North and Maharashtra from next week.

This map shows the current minimum temperature overall picture of Asia. The yellow area shows temperatures in the range of 15-20° and the green area between 5-10°. The blue is below freezing the purple -10 to -20° and the grey area the coldest, below -20°. Just to know how cold that is, the coldest place in the northern most area of Russia(in the Artic Circle) yesterday was Ojmjakon at -49°.

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