Wednesday, June 05, 2024

5th June Post

Several parts of Mumbai got Pre Monsoon Showers on Wednesday..👇

Pre Monsoon Thunder showers expected till the Monsoon sets in around 11th June.
Rain frequency increasing after 10th/11th. Monday/Tuesday.

Pune: Late afternoon Thundershowers. Some showers will be heavy, specially on the weekend.

Monsoon Watch---

Typical Monsoon Advance Signature ( Over Kerala) seen in today Morning's Satellite Image

T.N. Rainfall today:
Nedungal,, Krishnagiri 125mm
Adirampatnam, Tanjore 74mm

Chennai north suburbs
Redhills 63mm
Ponneri 56mm
Chennai City 22.3 mm
Chennai AP 20.6 mm
 (Chennai got westerlies rain...west to east moving)

South-West Monsoon shows proper advance into Kerala & T.N...Limit given in Image👇
Kerala Rains:

Strengthening low level monsoon circulation with embedded UAC in 700 mb, Monsoon trough expected to evolve in the next 3-4 days and thereby bringing in monsoon upto Konkan.

Continuing with our estimate, Monsoon to reach parts of Western Maharashtra & Konkan (including Mumbai and Pune) between 10 and 12th June 2024.

True to our estimate Monsoon expected to move into Coastal Karnataka, S.I. Karnataka and Goa in the next 24/48 hrs ( by 7th June).

Goa: Regular thundershowers, increasing frequency from 7th. Can see around 50-70 mms/day on 7th/8th.

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