Friday, June 21, 2024

21st June 

Mumbai water situation is precarious no doubt.

City lakes have just 77132 million litres in stock on 20th....maybe enough for 30 days with cut in force.  Reserve stocks have been dipped into. State reserve stock from the Upper Vaitarna & Bhatsa dams have been drawn into.

Comparison with last 10 years on date

Graph details courtesy MidDay 
Do we see rain coming ?
We may see an increase this weekend, in coastal areas (Mumbai).
There will be a temporary increase in the lake areas also, maybe getting 50/80 mms per day on Saturday and Sunday.
This will not be much of a meaningful relief in storage levels.

The Bay branch Monsoon revival and the Easterlies in the Northern Plains hold the key to the Monsoon Axis.
The resulting strengthening of the offshore west coast trough is being monitored.

Depending on this, We hope, for a proper revival of monsoon after 28th..."fingers crossed"

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