Monday, June 17, 2024

17th Afternoon Post:

Extremely heavy rain is expected over Northeastern states over next few days.

Cherrapunji has received 1924 mms in June till date.

Floods expected in the Brahmaputra river basin.

Sikkim and Darjeeling to also get very heavy rains. 

From Vag Dr.Vineet Singh 👇

 An unusually long stretch of heatwave in west UP, Delhi NCR

Generally heatwaves are seperated by strong squalls every summers, and a single heatwave spell does not last more than 6-7 days, but this summer has been exceptional for delhi ncr west UP

High chances the average maximum temperature of delhi this june will break all june records, ~30 days in a row now with delhi maxiumum temperature >40c, this is very rare, and is due to lack of strong WDs, squalls

 One theory which I challenge every season and is highly doubtful and need to be reconsidered:

The role of seasonal low over North India in monsoon advancement

Many times below normal heat in may june but monsoon advances north quickly

While other times lots of heat like this summer, but monsoon ka ata pta nahi

This shows that rather than seasonal low, there is MJO, biso which plays a more important role in the northward advancement of monsoon

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