Sunday, March 17, 2024

Forecasted East rough 

Let's look into the 3rd week of March ( 17th - 21st).


Hot weather likely for Mumbai region this week, typical dry hot days of March to begin🔥

Mumbai may see temperatures going up to 36-37°C, dry hot breeze possible during the day.

Evenings can see some sea breeze and moderate humidity. Just ok around 22/23°C.

Mumbai in March, compared with last year,and 2006, the coldest day in March.


Thane-Kalyan belt to see 39°C-41°C temperatures.

Further inland, Neral-Karajat/Khopoli to get baked in around 42°C.


Warm days around 36/37°C. Nights getting little warmer to reach 17°C.

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