Sunday, March 31, 2024

Its End Of March. 

And Now as summer starts, some facts and information. 

Mumbai Water Supply Lakes Storage.

The Mumbai lakes and dams level reported at 6 am on 31st March 2024 is 436221 ML (30.1 %) of the total. So, seeing the increasing heat now, (and subject to normal flow of supply), Mumbai has a stock of 90 days...That is upto 30th June 2024.

{Last year on 31st March 2023 was 526664 ML (36.4 %) of the total.}

Individual Lake Content in %Total Rainfall in mm

U. Vaitarna: 45.9%, Modak Sagar: 25.6, Tansa: 45.3% , M. Vaitarna: 10.5%

Bhatsa: 31.1%, Vihar: 43.9%, Tulsi:  47.3%

Mumbai Temperatures in March 2024

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sset said...

What a contrast. Green mumbai has water for next 3 months, barren day zero bangalore has no water for tomorrow!!! Drought hit karnataka bangalore is on war footing steps people are vacating flats,IT has imposed WFH as no water in offices,houses havevno water for bathing,crops trees wilted,no water to grow vegetables in kolar Mandya rain water harvesting works as karnataka had successive monsoon failures. Attempts are made to flow treated water into empty dry cracked rivers.
Bangalore becomes like cape Town. Bangalore is classic example as what happens if people abuse nature,destroy lakes. If 2024 monsoon fails,catastrophe for Bangalore. Problem is amount of annual rain 600-1000mm is not sufficient for enormous population. Half of population,half of concrete real estate should be moved out and replaced by massive tree plantation of native species and immediate lakes revival conservation. It is war between Bangalore tech savy AI versus nature. Ultimately nature is absolute winner.

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