Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Posted 6th September

The rainfall from BB-7 as on 6th September 

After the BB-7, the low pressure , the retreating process  of the monsoon will commence from extreme NW India.

Thereafter, weather systems, if any, will not be perusing into parts of  Central, Western and Northern India. 

The normal withdrawal date of monsoon from the western parts by the end of the life cycle of this monsoon low. will be coinciding.

Normally SWM starts withdrawing from extreme NW India from 17th September. 

This year Mumbai withdrawal of Monsoon can be expected around 10th October.

Kutch by 18th September....Gujarat around 1st October.

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Unknown said...

Rajesh, how would be the forecast for rains in North Gujarat over next 2-3 weeks till the final withdrawal ?

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