Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Posted 14th  Night

Another active phase of Monsoon begins for Maharashtra 🌧️⛈️.

Mumbai will see rains increasing from 16th September, with heavy rains likely from 16th to 19th September (Ganesh Chaturthi). The total combined rainfall in these 5 days can be 150-200 mm for Mumbai region. 

Places in Palghar and parts of Thane district can see heavier rain.

Pune: Monsoon feel to return with light rain expected during next 4-5 days. Some areas can get moderate showers. Overall, cumulative rainfall can be between 20-40 mm. 

Moderate-heavy rain in parts of north interior Maharashtra districts (mainly Nagpur, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, Nashik) over next 3-4 days. 

Ghats of Maharashtra to receive heavy rain during next 4-5 days as westerlies winds from the Arabian Sea strengthen.


South and east regions of Gujarat (Surat/Valsad/Bharuch/Baroda) can get moderate to heavy rain over next 5 days. 

If the low BB-8 tracks till east Gujarat (which is possible), then rainfall can be very heavy in some areas (above 200 mm in 5 days).

Saurashtra to see moderate rain, with some heavy showers for Eastern parts.

Ahmedabad region to get moderate rain, mainly during 17th-19th September.


Medium range forecasts showing Arabian Sea may persist with westerly winds into last week of September while Bay may start showing reversal earlier

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