Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Weather outlook till Friday 2nd December

Dry weather in north India in the absence of any WD, daytime weather comfortable and not extreme cold.

Winter chill at night to prevail over northern plains. Getting cooler over Maharashtra.  

Mumbai: Warm days around 31-33C, min around 17-19C. 

Interior konkan: Cooler nights than Mumbai...min around 14-16C. 

Pune and Madhya Maharashtra: Warm days 30-31C, pleasant nights around 13-15C. 

Nagpur: Days warm around 30C, nights pleasant around 12-14C. 

Marathwada/Vidarbha districts: Warm days (30-32C) and cool nights (13-15C). 

Ratnagiri/Sindhudurg: Warm days (33-34C), nights around (19-21C). 

Goa: Warm and humid days 31-33C, nights around 23-25C, slightly cooler in interiors.

Delhi NCR/Punjab/Haryana: Expected max temperature around 24-26C, min temperature around 7-9C.

Maps from NCMRWF

Gujarat: Mainly warm days 30-32C, pleasant nights 14-16C. Warmer days upto 33C max and 17C min possible near Surat. 

Bangalore: Max around 27-29C, min around 18-20C. 

Kolkata: Not much winter chill, max around 28-30C, min around 18-20C. 

Chennai: Max around 28-30C, min around 22-24C, light showers at the most.

NEM remains weak over Tamil Nadu, some increase in rain likely over weekend with moderate showers along the coast. 

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