Friday, November 25, 2022

Plenty of queries on the fluctuating Weather in Mumbai & Pune.

After giving hopes of a good winter coming, a change from  pleasant weather,we see hot muggy conditions. 

Mumbai: After dropping to 17c, city sees a ruse to 22c. Added with increase in humidity. Currently humidity is averaging around 65 -70%. 

Next 3 days on the weekend Mumbai, with scattered high clouds, will be at 32c, with humidity making the real feel in the day at 34c. Nights also just around 21c.

Pune: Punekars, disappointing weekend as low at night expected around 18c ( 8c last week). Partly cloudy and hot days at 32c, while the real feel will be 33c.

Chance of localized showers in south Madhya Maharashtra (Kolhapur/Satara) and south konkan (Ratnagiri/Sindhudurg) today and tomorrow

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