Thursday, November 10, 2022

Posted 10th November 

Outlook from today 10th till Sunday 13th November for Maharashtra:

Temperatures likely to drop by 2-4°C from today onwards. 

Mumbai: Some drop likely in night temperatures...Max temperature would be around 34°C and min around 20°C.

FYI Mumbai Temperatures last 7 days 👇

Pune: Getting cooler....with max around 29-30°C and min around 11°C. Outskirts may see drop till 9-10°C. 

FYI Pune minimums last 7 days 👇

Most of Madhya Maharashtra & Marathwada to see pleasant weather with very cool nights. Around 12c.

Gujarat to also see some drop in temperature by 2-3°C as winds become northerly..

Bharuch will see weekend temperatures range between 33c and 19c.

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