Friday, September 16, 2022

BB 12 shifts NE as indicated yesterday..towards U.P....**( continued below)

(Rainfall in U.P. from BB 13 in cms

Fatehpur Tehsil (dist Barabanki) 29, Ramnagar (dist Barabanki) 27, Haidargarh (dist 

Barabanki) , Dhaurahara (dist Kheri) 21 each, Elgin Bridge (dist Barabanki) 20, Lucknow (hs) (dist Lucknow), 

Lucknow ( Cr ) (dist Lucknow) 20 each, Bhatpurwaghat (dist Sitapur) 19, Sirauli Gauspur Tehsil (dist Barabanki) 

18, Bara Banki (dist Barabanki) 17, Kaiserganj (dist Bahraich) 17 each, Lucknow ( Ap) (dist Lucknow) 16, Mahsi 

(dist Bahraich) 14, Nawabganj Tehsil (dist Barabanki) 13, Chanderdeepghat (dist Gorakhpur) 13 each, , Ghosi (dist 

Mau) , Bhinga (dist Shrawasti) , Deoria (dist Deoria) , Rasra (dist Ballia) -11 each,,)

**and this due to the Ridge,in the West...which has dried up West Rajasthan, [ see water vapour image below].

Thus the SWM will withdraw from W.Rajasthsn after 5 dry days...on 18th September. 

BB 13 on the way from 18th...


After 190 mms of rain ( from 12th to 16th), both at Scruz and Colaba, ( spot on our target), Saturday will see lesser rains, and reducing further on Sunday.

Pune:Saturday/Sunday..Warmer days,cooler nights and reduction in rains.

Saturday and Sunday  ,Madhya Mah ( Pune,Nagar and Ghats) will see reduction in rainfall.

Marathwada will get moderate  rainfall.

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